2019 Award Winners

Interpretation Canada is proud to announce the winners of the 2019 Awards of Excellence. These awards are an opportunity to recognize the phenomenal interpretive programs and products from coast to coast to coast. 

Each entry was judged on individual merit and each that met the criteria received an award. We encourage you to check out the programs below and read some of the highlights from judges.

2019 Award Highlights Reel

Check out the 2019 Highlight Reel of the winners of the Awards of Excellence! 

Want to see the full programs? Check out the entries below!

Personal Interpretation (non-theatrical)


Game of Homes – Banff National Park: Parks Canada

Akina Kuperus, Alex Loewen, Adele Laramie, Jacquie Gilson

Judge's comments:

“I was so thrilled with this program. It is a common topic that most parks tackle so I have seen many such bear programs but this one is the best one yet for engaging the audience.”

I loved how engaged the adults were with the children, especially those that weren’t their parents. Some of the retired folk were just as enthused and competitive as the kids. Fun for all ages.”

“This interpretive program is a classic example of incorporating interpretation principles. Every step of the program exudes these principles.”


Paleontology Puzzle – Banff National Park: Parks Canada

Pippa Gunn, Ardelle Hynes, Adele Laramee, &

Jacquie Gilson

Judge's comments:

Excellent costumes, and using drama was effective in sharing the role of a paleontologist in an entertaining way.”

This is the caliber of presentation you would expect from a national park. “

Interpreter was skilled at engaging and refocusing the audience in a warm welcoming way”

Personal Theatrical Interpretation


Mask of Fuego – Alberta Parks

Kananaskis Interpretation – Julie Ryan & Joe Fowler

Judge's comments:

This performer is so talented, and the characters used are so much fun, memorable and beautifully acted and articulated.”

Oh...and his voice! WOW!  He can hold a note!”

Excellent storytelling!”


Savannah Smackdown – Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo Visitor Engagement – Rachel Esser,

Scottie Potter, & Chris Villacorta-Lopez

Judge's comments:

It was a fun program! I find myself going “whoop” around the house when trying to get someone’s attention or to sneak up behind them and scare them.”

“I really enjoyed the program, and how Lauren engaged with the audience. And, even though I knew she was following a script, it didn't feel scripted."

“Her character was fun and memorable."


Bird’s Eye View – Jasper National Park: Parks Canada

Spencer Dunn, Marie-Hélène Hamel, & Kara-Lyne Weaver

Judge's comments:

Very entertaining, informative, and well performed!”

The interpreters were most excellent, well prepared, well spoken, and poised. “

“[The presenters] were very enthusiastic. I did enjoy watching the program – laughed and learned many new things!”

Non-personal Interpretation


Inspiring Montgomery: Exhibit – Green Gables Heritage Place: Parks Canada

Parks Canada (Green Gables Heritage Place) – Chantelle MacDonald, Malve Petersman, & Kassandra McKinnon

Judge's comments:

I was immediately struck and felt visual joy all the way through my tour. The displays, the galleries and building envelope all were united in creating this feeling. Excellent work.”

I love the airiness of the whole experience- it feels like a place of imagination and dreams. It is bright and positive and very PEI.”

So well developed and presented. I cannot describe the sheer joy I experienced when I cracked your files open on my computer. Just wish I had a larger monitor to enjoy this experience.”

Feeling inspired? You can submit an entry for consideration in the 2020 Awards. Check out the How To Enter page to find out more.

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