2021 National Conference: Interpreting the Invisible

September 14–16, 2021, online

Many interpretation programs work to establish connections between the things our visitors can see, smell, and touch (such as a tree, or a historic artefact)… and the forces that shaped those things or bind them together.

Interpretation Canada’s 2021 Conference explores how we effectively interpret the imperceptible and the invisible.

How do we help our audience experience slow changes (such as tide, tectonics, or time itself)? How do we bring to life something we can’t easily see (like personal bias, climate change, a sense of identity, or empathy)? What about the difficult, the microscopic, the emotional, the underwater, the imaginary?

Our conference sessions have been chosen and a schedule will be available shortly - stay tuned! 

Interpretation Canada c/o Kerry Wood Nature Centre 6300 45th Ave Red Deer, AB, Canada  T4N 3M4

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