Sharing our passion

Every day, thousands of us share the stories of our land and its people.

We enrich the experience of visitors to museums, historic sites, parks, farms, nature centres, indigenous cultural sites, zoos, aquaria, botanical gardens, and a host of other heritage sites and wilderness locations.

We may be called guides, naturalists, communicators, educators, writers, planners, designers, managers—titles as diverse as the jobs we do—but our profession is interpretation.

Membership Now $24 / year!

We love our members. You present at our conferences, post jobs on our job board, send us interesting and provocative questions, write articles, and step up to volunteer as judges, committee members, and board members. Without members, we wouldn’t exist as an organization.

Running our organization has gotten easier, smoother, and less expensive the past few years. We’ve decided to pass the savings back to our members and reduce our membership fees significantly.

A one year membership in Interpretation Canada is now $24. That includes GST. That’s $2/month, which means for less than the cost of taking a colleague out for coffee once a month, you get to be part of a Canada-wide network of heritage interpretation professionals.

Your membership also gets you access to back issues of Interpscan, a listing in our membership database, the ability to post jobs on our job board, discounts on conferences, and the warm fuzzy feeling of being part of our community.

Join us !

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