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Every day, thousands of us share the stories of our land and its people.

We enrich the experience of visitors to museums, historic sites, parks, farms, nature centres, indigenous cultural sites, zoos, aquaria, botanical gardens, and a host of other heritage sites and wilderness locations.

We may be called guides, naturalists, communicators, educators, writers, planners, designers, managers—titles as diverse as the jobs we do—but our profession is interpretation.

National Online Conference - A Diversity of Interpreters

October 10-12th, 2018  

Interpretation is a diverse field. It’s what attracts many of us to this career and we at Interpretation Canada celebrate it.  Our members work in science centres, parks, museums, aquariums, gardens, historic sites and more, interpreting a broad range of topics to audiences of all ages, cultures, and genders.

But is diversity appropriately reflected in our staff and colleagues? Do the experts we regularly hear from accurately represent the diversity of those who work in our field? Who aren’t we hearing from?

We will be exploring these ideas as we connect interpreters from coast to coast to coast during our 2018 online conference.  

Keynote Speaker: Colleen Dilenschneider
Blind Spots And Brain Tricks: Overcoming Biases To Become A Data-Driven Heritage Organization

The human mind can be sneaky!  Colleen Dilenschneider helps organizations understand the motivations, behaviors, and expectations of their visitors and supporters, and she knows first-hand that it isn’t enough to simply collect and interpret data in order to create change. Colleen is the Chief Market Engagement Officer of IMPACTS Research & Development and the author of the popular website, Know Your Own Bone. To be successful in understanding audiences, leaders benefit by first understanding how cognitive biases unknowingly hold us back from successful heritage interpretation and embracing diverse voices. In this keynote, Colleen will not only underscore why the use of data is important, but shine a light on the inner workings of one of the biggest obstacles to achieving success: Our own minds. Attend this keynote prepared to learn more about how to successfully integrate data within your organization, and ready to learn a bit more about your own mind in the process! 

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